Candle Fundraising Program

Candle Fundraising

candle fundraising


                                     3 Easy Steps

Step One:  Order your free candle fundraising selling kits.

Step Two: Sell for two weeks and earn 50% on every product you sell.

Step Three: Receive your products in 10-14 days once your order is received.

Our candle fundraising program is just that easy. Earn 50% profit on every item you sell. Receive free shipping if your entire group sells over 75pcs. We ship your order back to you in 10-14 days presorted by participant. This is an easy to do high profit candle fundraising program.

What do you look for in a candle fundraising company you ask? There are certain factors that set great company’s apart. Read on to learn some great tips in choosing the right company.

Tip #1 Choose a company that offers a complete candle fundraising program. A Company that specializes in candle fundraising will have the best opportunity’s for your fundraising group. A great  company should offer high-profits,non hidden fee’s and excellent customer service. Remember the company you choose, will be your partners for the duration of your fundraiser. Friendly helpful agents are fun and easy to work with.

Tip #2 High profits are essential to the success of your candle fundraising program. The reason you are having a fund raiser is to raise money. Hidden fee’s can sabotage your efforts. Fee’s can be cloaked in brochures and shipping cost. Know up-front what your profits will be. Any legitimate candle fundraising company will have an agreement to sign. The agreement will protect you and the company. Make sure the company has a physical location, that can be located in the business section of google.

Tip #3 The products of the company you choose, should be of excellent quality. You are the one who will deliver these products. You will also be the one to see your customers long after the candle fundraiser has been completed. Do yourself a favor and only offer candles with excellent quality.

Just For Me Candles offers candle fundraisers with all of these benefits and more. With a 90% customer return rate, we are proud to say “We are America’s Favorite candle fundraising company!


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